See you in La Sénia!



You are visiting la Sénia in March 2014. Before your trip, you would like to know more about the place that you are going to visit. Unfortunately, not all your classmates are going to travel to la Sénia. With the information that you find, you will prepare a tourist brochure to show them the wonders in la Sénia and its area.


  1. Form groups of 4 students.
  2. Oral discussion: which role do you prefer?

          Olive tree

          River Sénia

          Mountain hiker


  1. Divide the roles.
  2. Work individually.
  3. Group work: join all the parts (roles) to prepare a tourist brochure. You can find some examples here:
  1. Oral presentation: you will present the brochure to the rest of the class (5-minute oral presentation each student)





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