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Teaching Guide

1) Objectives of the area or areas involved.

-Getting to know the area where students participating in the Exchange as part of the eTwinning Project “Physical Awareness 13-14” will spend a week.

- Improving general knowledge on different topics such as geography, environment, climate, leisure time, and food and recipes.

- Improving and acquiring vocabulary in English related to topics such as geography, environment, leisure time, and food and recipes.

- Improving oral and written skills.

-   Working collaboratively.

2) Contents.

Students will work in heterogeneous groups of 4 people. First, they will divide the roles and work individually. Later, they will join again in groups of four and will prepare the tourist brochure. To finish with, they will present orally their brochure to the rest of the students.

The teacher will help them in the development of activities and will make sure that they work collaboratively when necessary.


At the end of the task, students will fill in a self-assessment chart and the teacher will fill in an assessment chart similar to the previous one. The final mark for the project will be the average mark of these assessments.  

3) Temporal distribution provided.

Timing: 6 sessions.

In the 1st session students will organize themselves and divide the different roles proposed. During sessions 2 and 3 students will work individually in the development of each role. In sessions 4 and 5 students will form groups again. Each student will present to the rest of the group his/her part and they will prepare the final product: a tourist brochure. In session 6 students will present their brochures to the whole class group. 

4) Prior knowledge that students should have.

No previous knowledge is needed.

5) Material provided (computers, software, pencils, etc.).

- Computers (Internet connection, power point presentation)

- Projector

6) Organization of space (for both computer work and for discussions, creating murals, recordings, essays, etc.).

Computer's room

7) The better organization of working groups.

Groups of 4.

8) Additional resources for teachers (tools, utilities, documents, books, etc.).

Some useful webs for the teachers to have a general idea of the area:  

9) Whether or not to have the support of other teachers.

Support from teachers from other areas is advisable: Science, P.E., Geography, ICT, History.

10) Involvement of different areas.





Physical Education

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i: Introduction, t: Task, p: Product, r: Resources, e: Evaluation, c: Conclusion y g: Teaching Guide

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