See you in La Sénia!




  1. La Sénia is a town placed in the region of Montsià. Look at the webs provided and circle the correct answer.


Now, answer:

  1. What is the name of the river that crosses La Sénia?
  • River Segre
  • River Sénia
  • River Senienc
  1. In which province is placed La Sénia?
  • Lleida
  • Tarragona
  • Barcelona
  1. How many people live here?
  • Less than 4,000
  • Between 4,000 and 7,000
  • More than 7,000
  1. What is its area?
  • Less than 150 km2
  • Between 150 and 200 km2
  • More than 200 km2
  1. Is there an air force camp from the Spanish Civil War?
  • True
  • False
  • Not now

   2. La Sénia is a town known for the production of wooden furniture. Look for the name of some factories, look for their websites and find an image of them.Which kind of furniture can you buy in La Sénia?

   3. Search in the crossword six words related to traditions in La Sénia. Can you explain them?

    Espavil       Recapte      Pallerols     Mascarats   Santa Cecília     Manjoia

4. Olive oil is well-known product from La Sénia. Which are the museums about olive trees in the area?



1. MOUNTAINS. Search with google maps and place the location of this photography in the map. The town that you can see in front of the camera is La Sénia.

2. PLANTS. Compare these species of plants with others from your city/area.

    Search their popular names.

    With google maps, search some fields in Els Ports Natural Park where you can find these plants.

In this area picking up mushrooms is like a kind of "sport". Here you can watch a video where you can observe the process:


3. ANIMALS. Which are the animals that you can find in Els Ports? Can you look for any pictures?



1. Jaume has prepared a route for you. Can you find all the following items in this route?


Can you prepare another route in this area using wikiloc?

2. Which other activities can you do in Terres de L'Ebre? Can you go sailing?



  1. Circle the ingredients of “recapte”. What is “dia del recapte”? When is it celebrated?2. Which are the typical dessets from La Sénia? What is a “mona de pasqua”? (Easter cake) In La Sénia the "mona de pasqua" is called Manjoia.


Here you can see the preparation: Can you write the process?

3. Olive oil is the "liquid gold" of this area. Look for recipes containing olive oil from La Sénia. Choose two of them and explain them to your classmates.





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