You will work individually. First, you need to open a blank word document, where you will write all your answers and upload it to the class’ virtual classroom when you have finished the activity. To successfully complete this webquest, you need to read the suggested resources and complete the following tasks.


TASK 1. Read the Article “The Great Barrier Reef Has Lost Half Its Corals” and answer the following questions (15 min):

a) What is happening to the baby corals?

b) According to the author, what does resilience mean?

c) How did the researchers measure the capacity of corals to breed?

d) According to the author, what does bleaching mean?

e) How many coral species does The Great Barrier Reef have?

f) In the article, the coral reefs are said to be amazingly resilient, what does this mean for the future of The Great Barrier Reef?


TASK 2.Read the Article “Volcanic ash could help reduce CO2 associated with climate change” and answer the following questions (10 min):

a) A group of scientists has spread volcanic ash from a ship to the ocean. Which benefits does this technique have?

b) Which process is to blame for the increased number of heatwaves, droughts, and wildfires in recent years?

c) What does GGR mean?

d) What are the objectives of GGR measures?

e) What happens when volcanic ash falls into the ocean seafloor?


TASK 3.Read the webpage “The third conditional” and complete the following sentences:

a) If we _______________ (know) the effects of climate change, we _______________ (change) our lifestyle in previous centuries.

b) If humans _______________ (take) care of the earth, many animal species _______________   (not go) extinct.

c) If temperature _______________ (not drop) so dramatically 65 million years ago, dinosaurs _______________   (not disappear).