You will work individually. First, you need to open a blank word document, where you will write all your answers and upload it to the class’ virtual classroom when you have finished the activity. To successfully complete this webquest, you need to read the suggested resources and complete the following tasks.


TASK 1. Read the Article “8 Surprising Holiday Activities That Relieve Stress” and answer the following questions (10 min):

a)      Write five surprising holiday activities that can reduce stress effectively and keep you happy and healthy.

b)     Have you ever practised a relieving stress activity? If yes, which is your favourite one?


TASK 2. Read the Article “The Importance of Taking Vacation Time to De-stress and Recharge” and answer the following question (5 min):

a)      According to the American Institute of Stress, which are the mental health benefits of taking a vacation?


TASK 3. Read the webpage “Present perfect” and complete the following text using the present perfect (10 min):


“A number of studies _______ (show) that taking time away from the job can have both physical and psychological health benefits. If it ________ (be) a while since your last vacation, or even if it _______ (be not), maybe it is time you think about taking a break. On the one hand, one study ______ (find) that going on vacation can increase our anxiety as we want to use the most of our time and do as many activities as possible. However, other studies _______ (observe) that, when planned, holidays can be a perfect way to reduce our stress levels and help us to recover from the everyday problems of our life.”


TASK 4. Once you have answered the questions above, you have an important task to carry out. You are a researcher in the American Institute of Stress and you will participate in the Healthy Teen Forum (a blog task that you will find in your English course in Educamos). Access Educamos with your student ID and write in the blog an entry about (10 min):

a)      How important holidays are for you to relieve stress

b)     The places that you recommend to visit to run away from anxiety and ordinary life problems.