To research the information and to make the brochure, you have to follow this process: 


Step 1

With your team of four, you have to study and research information about South Africa. The brochure must include the following information:

- A map of South Africa

- A picture of South Africa's flag

- A paragraph with the general information of the history, the geography, the economy and the main attractions (spcially the "Big Five") of South Africa.


Step 2

In order to make the brochure, you have to assign roles to each member of the group. It means that each member has to research information on his topic and then, reports the information back to the group. Each member has his own sheet to record his data.

The roles are: 

- The Geographer

- The Historian

- The Economist

- The travel expert


Step 3

Here are the questions that you  have to answer according to your roles:


The Geographer:

Where is South Africa located?

What are the three capitals?

What is the largest city?

Print a map of South Africa

Draw the South African flag

What types of climates can be found in South Africa?

What type of terrain does South Africa has?

What is the highest point of South Africa?

List 5 natural resources found in South Africa


- The Historian

When was the union of South Africa established? By whom? Write few lines of him.

How many languages are there in South Africa? 

What are the official languages of South Africa?

How is South Africa also called? Why?

What are the main religions of South Africa?

How many ethic groups are there in South Africa? List, at least, three.


- The Economist

What are South Africa's major industries? 

What are the main seaports?

Where are the main industrial centers located?

What are the main agriculture products?

What are the main imports? And exports?

What are the principal trade partners of South Africa?

What is the typical food of South Africa?


- The travel expert:

List 4 major tourist attractions and describe them in a few lines.

What are some adventure activities that you can do in South Africa?

What is the Kruger Park?

What are South Africa's "Big Five"? Describe each one in few lines.


Step 4

Once all the members of the group have esarched the information, you have to discuss what information are you going to include in your brochure. Remember that you have to include important facts of each role.

When you finish your brochure, you can make a copy of it for each member of the group and stick it in your notebooks. The original one will be displayed on the wall of the classroom.



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