Teatro Leal



The work will be done in groups of three, where there will be:

Administrator : person in charge of the material, that the rules are followed, that everyone works.
A scribe: the one who writes the work on the mural.
A surfer: the one who looks for the information on the tablet

Everyone has to work and the following will be evaluated:

Group work in an equitable and non-conflictual way.
Work in a low tone, without shouting.
Present the mural in a creative way. It is not only copying the information, but presenting it with drawings, photographs, good calligraphy ,etc.
Present the work without spelling mistakes.
Presentation of the mural.

Finally, a collaborative Kahoot will be designed where each group has to create two questions with new information about the Leal Theatre and introduce it in the Kahoot by the administrator.

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