FIRST CONDITIONAL ( if + present simple , ..... will + infinitive )

if i study for the exam i will pass de exam 

if she has enough money next year, she’ll buy a hause 

If I go to Madrid I will visit the Prado

Second conditional (if + past simple... would + infinitive )

If you didn't live so close, I wouldn't visit you.

If I were younger, I would travel more

If I had a bigger salary, I would buy a boat 

Third conditional if + past  perfect ... would + have + pas participe 

If I had gotten up before I would have come to work on time

If I had seen her, I would have told you

If she had been there, I would have seen her

zero conditional if + present simple....+present simple 

If you heat water to 100 degrees, it boils
If you born wood, it becomes coal



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