Conditional tenses in English



Now we`re going to do the quest together and you`re going to do your best at answering these questions. Good luck!

Type 1: If he (study)_____  he (pass) ______ his exam

Type 2: If you (not arrive) _______ late, she (not be) _____ mad at you

Type 3: If it (not rain) ________ i (go) _________ to Galicia

Type 1: If it (rain) ______ I (take) ________ my umbrella

Type 2: I (listen) ______ if I (not be) ________ tired

Type 3: If I (follow) _____ the teacher's advices maybe I (not fail) _______ that exam

Type 1:If she (find) _____ him, she (tell) ______him the truth 

Type 2: If he (eat) ______ that sandwich he (not be) _____ starving

Type 3: We (stay) ________ in NY, if we (not recieve) _____ that new

Type 0: If water (reach) _______ 100 degrees, It (boil) _______










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