If I have time, I’ll call you

If she has enough money next year, she’ll buy a motorbike.

If I go to Paris, I’ll visit my friend John.

 If you come for the weekend, we will go to the cinema

If you park here, you will get a fine

If I save enough money this month, I will buy a new laptop

Second conditional

 If I won the lottery, I would spend my life travelling

 If you didn’t live so far, I would visit you more often 

If I had a bigger salary, I would buy a house

f I were younger, I would travel more


If I were you, I would quit my job

Third conditional

If I had woken up earlier, I would have arrived on time

If I had stayed in my hometown, I would have never found my job

If I hadn’t taken the risk, I would have lost a great opportunity


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