King Arthur's Legend



Some guidelines... 


You and your team will work for the next two weeks to create a new ending in the story. Each one of you will have to be one or several characters - in case you create new characters -, without forgetting about the truly important characters who are the main protagonists. 


You should also think about the scenography that you will need to represent your story: costumes, decorations, maybe some sound ... It is not necessary that you buy costumes, or any decoration. You can even create your own props! You can use cardboards, old clothes that you might find at home...  You can even bring swords and toy armor! That is up to your own  imagination!

La leyenda del Rey Arturo

In addition, you have all the props you want in the auditorium. Please, everything you take, you will have to return as you have found it.


Go ahead and make your ending a good one since there is a prize for you! 


The winners will represent their play at the Winter contest we celebrate every year!


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