What's cooking?




Every country in the world has its traditional dishes. Your job here consists in finding out which are the most popular dishes in the U.K. depending on the region (England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales).


1. Which are the most traditional dishes in the region?

Choose two and answer the following questions:

2. Where do these dishes come from? What are their origins?

3. Which are the main ingredients?

4. What is the presentation of the dish? 


Now, let's talk about traditional dishes in your country.

1. Do you know any traditional dishes? Name at least three of them.

Choose one out of the three and answer the following questions

2. Where is it typical from?

3. Do you know how is it cooked?

4. Which are the main ingredients?




It's time for you to make your own recipe with the following tips:

1.  Write an introduction about the origin, history or something curious about your chosen dish.

2. Think of the ingredients.

3. Write the process of cooking.

4. Write a suggested presentation.

Make a PowerPoint presentation. You can use pictures, photos, short videos...

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