How much do you know about the United Kingdom?




This year it´s your turn! You and a group of students are planning to travel to the United Kingdom with the Liceo to take an English course. You need information about the UK in order to learn and explore the British customs and culture before travelling.  

 During the course you will have free time at the weekend and you have to decide where to spend those days with your group considering the different options the four countries offer. After reading and reflecting on the United Kingdom, which place would you recommend to spend the weekend?  Design  a presentation on Prezi about the region you would like to visit and share it with your classmates. You will then upload it to the Liceo´s blog.

You must:

  • Include general information about the United Kingdom.
  • Describe the region you chose.  What can you do there? What places can you visit?
  • Create an itinerary including five main attractions you would like to visit.  You can surf the following website on Trip advisor
  • Provide an example that best illustrates the region, something that could be cosidered as a symbol or a special characteristic that makes it unique.
  • Use pictures and one video.
  • Your prezi should last between 5 and 8 minutes.
  • You will have to show your prezi to your classmates and prepare an oral presentation to support your choice and describe the region. 

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