Think...and then RUN




Collect information about the way to use a compass and a map and show it.

  • How compasses work? Recognize the cardinal points. Know how I am respect the magnet north.
  • Map types. Contour interpretation. Symbols. Legend. Scales.
  • Know how to use a compass and a map together for knowing the real situation on the environment.

Make a PowerPoint presentation about the things you've learned during the 1st task.


Look for information about the equipment you need to use for making sport at the natural environment.

  • Survival material.
  • Clothes and shoes.
  • Orientation instruments (different to compasses and maps).
  • Provisioning (basic food).

Safety measures to take on account at the wild environment:

  • Safety equipment.
  • Advices and warnings.
  • Dangerous animals and plants.

Make a practical activity about the content you've learned during the 2nd task.


Make a proposition of a hiking route on a natural environment.

  • Look for a real map of the zone.
  • Know where to situate the different points asked by the teacher.
  • Pose safe ways by using elements that were learned on the other tasks.
  • Estimate the time that the activity will last.


Make a video about a real practical of all things we learned.

  • Record the learning videos.
  • Look for a software that fits on the task.
  • Editing and assembling of the video.

Develop a document with the different steps you followed for making the final task.

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