King Arthur's Legend



Steps to follow


In order to do this activity, and since we have already read theLegend of King Arthur in class, what you will have to do is the following:

  • STEP 1:   

Each group will consist of 5 students. With the help of all team members, you will have to create a new ending to the story and write it in a World file. Once you have the story written, I would suggest you to review what you have written in order to look for spelling or punctuation errors. Once finished, let's move on to the second step! You should bring a printed copy of the file to class the day of your representation. 

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  • STEP 2

Now is the time for each member of the group to have a character (or several, if so) to be able to represent. Once the characters of your new ending are selected, you will have to think about the props.


  • STEP 3: 

Create your own props. You can use cardboards, use the projector, bring to class clothes you might find at home (blankets, shirts...), even toys! You also have all the props from the auditorium. But, please, whatever you borrow from the auditorium, you should return it as you have found it. Originality will be taken into account! 


  • STEP 4:


You should be prepared to perform your play for the rest of the class.

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