Cooking show



We will work in groups of six people:

- Cooking team: they will be in charge of designing the main course and the dessert. The dishes will be decided by the whole team but they get to choose the products, the elaborations the products will undertake and the presentation. They will also train the acting team in how to cook the dishes. For that, they will have to make some research the resources section in this site in order to come up with their idea of design.

- Audiovisual team: they will write the screenplay and be in charge of recording the whole show. In order to write the screenplay, they will have to closely collaborate with the cooking team, since the cooking details, the dishes descriptions and the ingredients will, of course, need to be included in the screenplay. They will need to give advice to the acting team and choose whether a take needs to be recorded again.

- Acting team: there will be one person taking the role of the head chef and another one acting as a sous chef. They will need to memorise the screenplay, learn how to cook the dishes and, above all, be the faces of the recorded show. They will need to closely collaborate with the other two teams.


These are the needed steps for creating the show:

1. Altogether, discuss how you want the show to be. What ideas you have and what you want to do.

2. After that, discuss the dishes. What ideas you have in mind and what you would like to show how to cook.

3. Once the dishes will have been chosen, the cooking team designs them. In the meantime, the screenplay starts to be written.

4. Once the dishes will have been designed and it is clear how they need to be cooked, they will collaborate with the audiovisual team to fill in the missing gaps of the screenplay in relation with the dishes. They will also start training the acting team on how the dishes need to be cooked.

5. Once the screenplay will have been finished, the acting team will start learning it and they will collaborate with the audiovisual team on how they should be acting and well as listening to any other advices.

6. Finally, all that is left to do is recording the actual show and perform the necessary edits in the video.


To help you in all these tasks, you can use the resources present in the resources section.

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