Conditional tenses in English



Type 1

If we  (to travel) to London, we  (to visit) the museums.

If you  (to wear) sandals in the mountains, you  (to slip) on the rocks.

If Rita  (to forget) her homework, the teacher  (to give) her a low mark.

If they  (to go) to the disco, they  (to listen) to loud music.

If you  (to wait) a minute, I  (to ask) my parents.

Type 2

If they  (to have) enough money, they  (to buy) a new car.

If you  (to do) a paper round, you  (to earn) a little extra money.

If Michael  (to get) more pocket money, he  (to ask) Doris out for dinner.

If we  (to win) the lottery, we  (to fly) to San Francisco.

If I  (to meet) Brad Pitt, I  (to ask) for his autograph.

Type 3

If they  (to wait) for another 10 minutes, they (to see) the pop star.

If the police  (to come) earlier, they  (to arrest)the burglar.

If you  (to buy) fresh green vegetable, your salad  (to taste) better.

If Alex  (to ask) me, I  (to email) the documents.

If he  (to speak) more slowy, Peggy  (to understand) him

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