Conditional tenses in English



 If we travel to London, we will visit the museums.

If you wear sandals in the mountains, you will slip on the rocks.

If Rita forgets her homework, the teacher will give her a low mark.

If they go to the disco, they will listen to loud music.

If you wait a minute, I will ask my parents.

If they had enough money, they would buy a new car.

If you did a paper round, you would earn a little extra money.

If Michael got more pocket money, he would ask Doris out for dinner.

If we won the lottery, we would fly to San Francisco.

If I met Brad Pitt, I would ask for his autograph.

If they had waited for another 10 minutes, they would have seen the pop star.

If the police had come earlier, they would have arrested the burglar.

If you had bought fresh green vegetable, your salad would have tasted better.

If Alex had asked me, I would have emailed the documents.

If he had spoken more slowy, Peggy would have understood him

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