3th Conditional



Ahora podrás analizar tus respuestas y compararlas con las correctas de éste test.

Esto te servirá para conocer tu habilidad en el tema.

Sigue así!


  1. If my father had bought fast food, I would have had dinner outside.
  2. If Tom had paid the fee, he would have gone to jail.
  3. If the police had arrived earlier, they would have caught the thieves.
  4. I you had done your homework, you would have gone to the party.
  5. If Susan had not worked on Saturday, she would have come to the cinema with us.
  6. If Peter had broken the glass, he would have fixedit.
  7. If Michael had known the secret, he would have told you.
  8. If Jane had not run inside the house, she would not have broken the lamp.
  9. If I had answered all the questions, I would have passed the test.
  10. If the problems had been easier, I would have solved them.

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