A travel to Greece



You are preparing a trip to Greece. You already have everything in your suitcase but, how much do you know about Greece?

1. What is the capital city of Greece?

     a. Athens             b. Heraklion          c. Sparta

2. With what kind of currency do the Greeks pay?

       a. Pound            b. Euro              c. Greek penny

3. What is ouzo?

    a. a drink                  b. an animal               c. a typical Greek dance

4. How many island form the Greek archipielago?

      a. less than a  hundred                  b. between a hundred and a thousand                 c. more than a thousand

5. What is the name of hand-made fresh pasta with caramelized onions?

      a.  Sgardoumia                 b. Vyzanti              c. Makarounes

6. What was the apostle who visited Greece?

      a. Peter              b. Paul            c. John

7. What festivity is Apokria?

     a. Christmas            b.  Summertime           c. Halloween

8.  How many people live here?

      a. 11.000.000           b.  7.000.000           c. 13.000.000


Now check the answers in http://www.visitgreece.gr/ .

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