Hello we are  Jose Luis and Diego.

We use conditionals for situations that might happen in the future, or situations that might never happen, these situations depend in other ones, if one of both situations does not happen the other one will not happen niether.  We use conditionals for actions in the past that cannot be changed. Conditionals are a little difficult to master, but they're extremely useful to learn. There are 4 kinds of conditionals: zero, first, second and third conditional.

Zero conditional:

If+present simple+ present simple → if you eat ice it melts.

First conditional:

If/Unless +present simple+ will/ won´t + infinitive  → if we don´t go the cinema today, we´ll go tomorrow.

Second conditional:

If+ past simple + would/wouldn´t + infinitive → if you could live anywhere, where would you live

Third condinional:

If + past perfect + would/wouldn´t + have + past participle → if I hadn´t fallen out with my sister, we would have gone on holiday together


 In this activity fill the gaps with the correct form, make sure you are using the correct conditional tense in each sentence.

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