Sustainable water management



We don’t have to go far to get water here in Spain. We can just turn on the kitchen tap, the bathroom tap, the outdoor hose, pop to the dairy, the options are endless. None of them really involve a huge amount of effort, and all of them are, most of the time, safe.

Others around the world aren’t so lucky. In developing countries, women and children, mostly, are spending huge amounts of time each day fetching something that literally falls from the sky. And the average amount of water they use each day is merely the same amount of water used in one flush of a Western toilet.

Most of the water that these women and children collect is incredibly dirty and unsafe for consumption – in fact, nearly two billion people around the world have to face the tough decision between drinking dirty water that could make them sick, and not drinking at all. A lot of the time, they take the risk in pursuit of hydration. You would do the same, wouldn’t you? How far would you go to get water?

Think about it and read the incredible story of Ida: click here

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