Cooking show



This activity is related to the English subject in the first year of the advanced vocational training in Kitchen Management.

English has become the most widely used language around the world. Therefore, we will be needing it to be able to communicate in all different sorts of situations and environments.

This happens as well in jobs related to cooking. The possibilities in which you may need to use English are quite varied and different: ranging from working in a restaurant or hotel in which the customary clientele would be foreigners (especially if they are coming from English speaking countries), working in a kitchen with an international environment or simply if you are working in a restaurant abroad. These are the most common reasons but are not the only ones by far.

For all of that, we will prepare, plan and record a cooking show in English. Cooking shows require the development of quite different professional skills. Starting first and foremost with cooking, knowing about the products you will be using and creating dishes but also some screenplay writing, acting and, of course, recording.

The best thing about learning English, though, is that it provides endless possibilities resourceswise. English is one of the languages with more documentation on, well, anything really... And cooking is no exception.

So, without further ado, 3, 2, 1... ACTION!

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