My name's Cidinha and I'm seven years old. I live in a village called Ludovico, in Brazil - which is the biggest country in Latin America. We live in the north, near the Amazon River and the rainforest that grows around it. It's always hot here. For half the year it is dry and dusty. Then the rains begin in January and last for months.
I live with my mum and dad, my three brothers, Roseinilton, Osmar and Francisco, and my sisters Osailde and Rosanilde. I'm the youngest in the family. My mum wakes me up in my hammock at seven o'clock on days when I go to school. 

I get washed and dressed and have breakfast with Osmar and Francisco. My favourite breakfast is cous cous with melted cheese.
Our house is on the road which runs through the village. The walls are made from earth and wood, with palm leaves on the roof. It only has small windows, which means that it stays cool even in the hottest weather. Neighbours often join our family to share a meal or sit and chat. 

One thing you'll notice in Ludovico is the palm trees all around. They're called babassu palms. In the village we make our living from them. We have set up our own factory and we make soap, using the oil from the palm nuts. I often help my mum break the nuts to get the oil.


With the money I can buy exercise books or pencils for school in the village shop.
I do lots of things to help out at home. I sweep the house and fetch water from the well. I wash clothes and feed the animals.


My best job is helping my mum break babassu nuts. Every day I walk to school along the dusty road through the village with my friends. It only takes five minutes. I feel lucky going to school, especially when I learn a new word.
After school I play with my friends Maria and Sueli who live just across the street. We play elástico which is a skipping game. Sometimes we play football or go for a swim in the lake to cool down. This is a quiet village and children can play together outside safely. 

I've got many dreams for the future. I love dancing and want to be a famous singer and dancer.

Right now, I'd really like a doll. I imagine sitting in the cool shade by a well and playing with it. I also dream about the sea because I've never seen it.

Marta Martínez Aguilar

group 1

 Computer Assistant




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