Every October 12, the Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus in 1492. With it opens one of the most complex chapters of world history is commemorated. Involves the nascent modern European society and its voyages of exploration, the original civilizations of America, and the start of a colonial empire that lasted centuries. And amidst all this a boater with a risky project and a fate that nobody foresaw: the discovery of a new continent.

This discovery changed the course of history, and although it is difficult to think or know what would have happened if Columbus had followed another path, it seems clear that the supposed wealth discovered America for Europe, although few if any benefits were for at that then inhabited those lands.

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You've probably heard your history teacher said that "we must study the history, to remember all those good times." Well, we're going to take a step further: what would have happened if I had not discovered america? What would have to change to make this happen? And how would America now?

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