How Does the Moon Move?



Welcome to our Webquest!

It is going to be related with a very special challenge ... we will learn more about the Moon.

Science and You wink

Knowing how the Moon moves helps you understand why it looks different each night.

The Moon

It is a large sphere made of rock. As the Earth rotates, the Moon seems to move across the sky at night. From Earth, you can see dark spots on the Moon. With a telescope, you can see mountains and pits, or craters, on the Moon. The Moon revolves in an orbit around Earth.

As the Moon revolves around Earth you may see only a part of the Moon´s ligthed side. The different ways the Moon looks are called phases. The phases repeat every four weeks.

During the Webquest we will learn about the "Phases of the Moon" and how it looks different everyday.

So let´s the quest to begin!


The Moon

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