Around the world in 4 weeks



Greetings, traveler! You are now heading for a new adventure around the world!



After touring around the world with your zeppelin, you’ve decided to take a few weeks off. You will have a 4-week vacation and you will travel around the world to see all those countries you always wanted to stay at.



Since you have so many places you’d want to spend your vacations in, you cannot choose simply one. So, instead of one single country you’ve decided to visit them all!

2014-05-18_00003.jpg           2014-05-18_00001.jpg

By this, I don’t mean going to each of the 190+ countries; you will choose your favorites and organize a travel route. Being the brave adventurer that you are, you can also tell us which countries are not safe, in any case we also decide to start traveling the way you do. You can also recommend the places you want us to go.

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