Primary Education activities for the quarantine




During these days of confinement, education has become a challenge. In every educational stage, teachers and students have to deal with this situation and continue with the scholar course. To this situation, teachers have decided to give virtual lectures and send activities in a virtual way, which can simulate the face-to-face classes so the students could still learn everything.

However, the other day Francesco Tonnuci became a trend on the social media Twitter, as he has made an interview where he explains how children can get a benefit from all this situation. He proposes that education has a gap, as students continue being at home in front of a screen and completing homework. But now they are at home and this is a place where they can do a lot of “hands-on” activities based on experience, so we should take this situation as an opportunity to change the learning-teaching process. 

Francesco Tonucci proposes to use different home tasks like cooking or cleaning for making the students learn through that. This could be done following different instructions and guiding the learning process during the activity. Moreover, games are also an opportunity to learn, so this essential part of their daily life has to be part of their education too. 

We have to be concerned of how difficult is this situation for the children and all the students, so we should try to make it easier for them as much as we can. 


*You can see the interview in the following link:

*You can see a video of Francesco Tonnuci proposing different ideas in the following video:

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